Welcome to Salaam Seafood Inc., A Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Safiyyah Amin

Welcome to our first blog post!

It’s an exciting time for us as we launch our website, www.salaamseafoodinc.com

If this is your first-time hearing about us, thank you for stopping by and take a look around. To our loyal customers, thank you so much for all the support.

Before I move forward let me introduce myself. My name is Safiyyah Amin and I am one of three siblings managing Salaam Seafood Inc. Yes, that's me in the blue at our restaurant. 

You will see me inside the restaurant working, typing behind a laptop, or on my phone posting to our Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you’re wondering who keeps posting those mouthwatering pictures to social media, yes that is me.  I manage all of Salaam Seafood’s marketing, communications, PR and advertising.

My parents possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to break the historical norms for African Americans.

Where it all started...

Susie & Daa'ood Amin

I am often asked many questions about how we started the business and there is no better time than now to share the story.

Salaam Seafood Inc. was started by my parents Daa’ood and Susie Amin in 1986.

The two were only in their mid-twenties when the store opened and we’ve been in the same location since. My parents possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to break the historical norms for African Americans. Their goal was to become employers over employees and givers over receivers.

Daa'ood Amin

At the age of one, I would go to the restaurant with my mom and vividly remember greeting customers as I sat on the counter. At the age of three, my sister would be out with my father working as he sold raw fish. People often asked her what she was doing out and her response, “Making money with daddy!” Needless to say, we all possess the same entrepreneurial spirit from growing up in the food service business.

This blog will cover many areas including business, stories behind menu items, events and all things Salaam Seafood. Most importantly, this will be a place where you can ask us questions.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about us and I invite you to come back. Let us know how we are doing by completing a review on the website, we want to hear from you.





I dedicate this first post to my mother, Susie Ann Amin, who will forever be in our hearts.


The Giver,